Standing order

In order to make the process of settling liabilities more simple, Prva banka Crne Gore provides Clients with the possibility to settle liabilities via standing order – efficiently, simply and without going to the Bank.
Standing order is a service which enables Clients to settle monthly or periodical liabilities at specifically defined time intervals. By signing a Request for standing order opening, the Client authorises the Bank to complete liabilities payments from their current account. By doing so, each month exact sum which settles their bills is debited from his current account, about which Client gets a statement for review.
Opening and use of standing order services at Prva banka CG is free of charge
Beneficiary of this service can be every retail customer who has open current account with regular income (salary of pension). Client who wants to activate standing order fills out Request for Its Opening and Agreement on Execution of Standing Order.
Subject of payment via standing order:
  • Settlement of monthly liabilities in favour of legal entities (who have open accounts with the Bank),
  • Settlement of monthly liabilities with respect to loans,
  • Transfer of funds to the accounts of a vista savings or cumulative savings,
  • Transfer in favour of another physical person.
The following companies offer possibility of using the bank’s standing orders: T-Com, T-Mobile, BBM, MFI, LOVĆEN osiguranje, DELTA LIFE osiguranje, MONTENEGRO osiguranje, etc.
Advantages of using standing order
  • Elimination of potential delay in settling liabilities,
  • Rational use of time,
  • Fast and simple procedure,
  • Elimination of default interest resulting from late payment,
  • No need to go to the Bank and wait at the counters.
Terms and Conditions for use of standing order
  • Standing order can settle liabilities with the available funds on the account, increased by any authorized overdraft.
  • Standing order is executed on the given date. If that date is not a working day, standing order will be executed on the next working day.
  • If the Client does not have enough funds for the execution of standing order, the same will be partially executed up to the amount of the available balance, whereas the rest will be paid using the upcoming inflows to the current account.
  • The Client may cancel standing order 15 days prior to its execution at the latest.
  • If the standing order is used as an instrument for loan liabilities settlement, the same may not be cancelled until all liabilities have been fully settled or potentially standing order has been replaced by administrative withholding order of the Client.
  • If the Client has more standing orders, and does not have enough resources for transfer to be completed, the Bank reserves the right to execute those standing orders regarding payments in respect of the loan, as a priority.
  • If there is no inflow to the current account within six months, the Bank has right to cancel standing order execution.
  • The Client who wants to cancel standing order signs Request for its liquidation.
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