The first eco-friendly card in Montenegro!

For secure and simple payments, control of costs, availability of funds of your company at any time, you need a card. But, did you know that by using that card, you can preserve nature as well? Prva banka not only takes care of the money of its clients, but of the environment as well, and now within its portfolio, as first among the banks on Montenegrin market, it offers to business clients a card made of 85,5% of recycled plastics.

Contact phone of Prva banka card user support is +382 20 445 217.

Meet the most important security recommendations and the way of personal data protection



It is made of 85,5% of recycled plastics. It features a modern design – instead of usual horizontal data layout which traditional cards contain, the complete design is vertically oriented on this card. Although it is made of recycled material, this card has the same level of quality and duration like others.

The fastest contactless payment

Simple and fast payment- without card swiping and without PIN entry, it is possible for all transactions up to 40€ (only at POS terminals which support Mastercard contactless technology).

Money always available

You have the availability of funds from the transaction account for national payment transactions of your company, 24 hours daily - 365 days in a year, whether you are in the country or abroad.

Time saving

You can use the card for payment of goods and services on trade locations all over the world, as well as for the withdrawal of cash on all automated teller machines and window teller units of the banks, on which the sign of Mastercard has been displayed. At any time, a wide network of Prva banka automated teller machines is available to you, where you can perform transactions with more favorable tariffs.

All of those who decide to apply for Mastercard Business Debit card until September 30, 2023, get 6 months of free monthly membership fee for the card.

Necessary documentation:

- Copy of personal document;

- Application form for card issuance;

- Complete status documentation defined by the Procedure of approving credit products to legal persons;

- Agreement (Agreement about Issuance and Use of Mastercard Business Debit Card).

Card issuance Without fee
Monthly membership fee for business card 2,50€
Withdrawal of cash at Prva banka automated teller machines 1,00% (min. 1,00€)
Withdrawal of cash at automated teller machines of other banks in the country and abroad 3,00% (min. 3,00€)
Withdrawal of cash at window teller units of Prva banka (POS cash advance) 1,00% (min. 2,00€)
Withdrawal of cash at window teller units of other banks in the country and abroad (POS cash advance) 3,00% (min. 3,50€)
Balance inquiry at ATM 0,50€
Regular reissuance of business card 2,00€
Premature reissuance 10,00€
Replacement of plastics 5,00€
Urgent card issuance 20,00€
Cancellation of business card 10,00€
Change of PIN at automated teller machines 1,00€
Unjustified reclamation 10,00€
SMS notification about all outflows from payment cards 0,70€ monthly

In case of card loss or theft, basic and/or additional User is obliged to notify immediately verbally (Call center 19891), and at the latest within two days in writing, any branch of the Bank or to send the notification to the address of Prva banka CG, 81000 Podgorica, Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 141. The Basic User bears all the costs for damage occurred as the consequence of fraudulent use of lost or stolen card, until the moment when the Bank receives the written notification about the card loss or theft.